Just Stretching

The photo on the left was taken two hours before my first yoga class; the second, almost 12 months later. I saw a cool pose on social media somewhere that resembled this. I can’t quite remember what this was supposed to be, but possibly natarajasana, Dancer Pose. Clearly, the dogs were unimpressed and that was as flexible as I was before yoga. My chronic back issues had gotten painful and I was not living to my potential, physically or emotionally. Over the course of the next several months, flexibility began increasing exponentially. I can’t see a lot of difference between these two photos, but there are. Small and subtle on the outside, possibly, but in reality they are larger than life and I’m grateful for the work that has been put in to heal myself and fall in love with yoga and this much improved quality of life…Don’t worry though: I’ll always be more badass than bendy.

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