Corpse Pose Paradigm Shift

Excerpt from “My Real-Life Story” (not yet published – or finished – but in my mind it’s going to be fabulous)

…The most defining, life changing moment for me after all of the significant life events over the last year, occurred while taking my first yoga class. The result was a mental clarity and self-realization that had never happened before. The exact moment was during our last pose of the class, ‘corpse pose,’ savasana. Savasana is a seemingly simple pose completed laying still, on your back, palms up and in total relaxation. The purpose is to surrender, thoughtless, and focus on nothing but our breath. On some occasions, a person can even have an emotional release, causing a wave of tears. My life-changing moment revolved around, or culminated in, that first emotional Savasana.

After class I thanked the instructor for her time but said, “What the hell?” I told her we did not cry in Zumba classes (I’m certified to teach Zumba). Not knowing much about yoga, other than it is a “stretching exercise” (or so I thought), I was nowhere near prepared for the emotional release that occurred and that has happened occasionally in classes since that day. What specifically brought me to the yoga mat is a chapter unto itself, but the emotion that happened on that mat was completely unexpected. I didn’t know this kind of emotion could be brought out in a yoga practice, nor did I realize what it truly meant until a few days later.

Once that wonderful, tearful moment occurred, life took on a different meaning. There was a paradigm shift in the way I saw and approached life. I felt happier, calmer, slept better and was able to deal with stress in a much healthier way. All of that from a yoga class! I’ve continued to practice yoga religiously, several times a week, in different venues and with numerous different instructors to get a feel for what the different classes teach and how my body and mind react to them. One thing is for certain: four years of therapy didn’t touch what one month of yoga did for me!

For someone with a natural resting bitch face, even people I rarely interact with are mentioning the “transformation.” I tell them first and foremost it was the help and healing I received by gifting myself many new opportunities, but primarily the yoga. A completely unsuspecting corpse pose took the block out from under my wheels and set me on a fast-moving path to what sort of feels like enlightenment. Many of these life events felt like death: the death of my old life, job, my marriage, and my favorite “fur kid.” It’s true: you can die in some form or another and come back to life. I’m proof. Even the death of my life before forty. But forty isn’t old by any stretch, especially not for me: I’m ridin’ forty like it’s a purple-winged unicorn on the way to a glitter convention.