Why Teacher Training? Why Now?

Our RYT-200 instructors asked us to answer three questions:

Who am I?

Why am I here?

Why do I want to teach yoga?

I am a badass, she-warrior with a wicked sense of humor and a heart of gold. I’m every woman that had the courage to rewrite their story part-way through. I am a new discovery every day. I am a lover. I am love. I am determined to lead with my heart, above all else.

For many of the reasons above, yoga played a huge part in reshaping me. I owe almost all great and amazing changes, mentally and physically, to yoga since starting to practice yoga nine months ago. Nine months, ironically, is also the span it takes for a human to be born and that’s exactly how long it took me to start living again. I’ve been having to relearn how to live again, in happy, positive and joyous ways, as if I was continuing after a birth, through the formative years.

My passion, because of those changes, is yoga. I have a singular desire to bring others the gift of yoga so that they can find themselves transformed as well. It will work. It always works, if you are dedicated to the practice. Six yoga classes or more per week for the last nine months jumpstarted the changes in a rapid fire way. I hadn’t been seeking any of the changes yoga brought to me – I didn’t even know yoga would or could do that – but they are all the best, most wonderful gifts I could have ever received.KimYoga2017MtLemmonWarrior3

(photo courtesy @annalornacreative)

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