Coffee and Yoga?

BUT. I then discovered the quantity was going to make a difference after all, with regards to meditation; and not just quantity, but type. I learned that coffee made in a French press at home was not as intense on my system. I could drink a small cup and proceed with my yoga and meditation. However, going to Starbucks for an espresso or Americano - any size - had to be sipped in small quantities before meditation, and then snorted, pulled through a straw, mainlined through a vein (not really, but you get the idea), whatever it took, to get the stimulant into the body. Ahhhhhh.

Why Teacher Training? Why Now? answer to their questions: I am a badass, she-warrior with a wicked sense of humor and a heart of gold. I'm every woman that had the courage to rewrite their story part-way through. I am a new discovery every day. I am a lover. I am love. I am determined to lead with my heart, above all else.

It’s happening.

…Slowly, I started to understand what this concept was, on its most basic level. And when I’d ask myself if what I was doing with my life seemed authentic, I always answered, “No…”

Just Stretching

Small and subtle on the outside, possibly, but in reality they are larger than life and I'm grateful for the work that has been put in to heal myself and fall in love with yoga and this much improved quality of life...Don't worry though: I'll always be more badass than bendy.